Country Lane

Walks along this country lane leads to the reservoir

Meandering left, then right
pass fields of purple ground cover –
Spring’s having her way

Around the last curve a vast expanse, water kiss blue skies

A breathtaking spike in nature’s beauty –
I pause for reflection

Pat R


For dVerse Poets Pub where the prompt is “Spike” for a Quadrille a 44 word poem a creation of the dVerse Poets Group.


Summer – A Quadrille


Longing for sips of summer –

Ocean breeze infused with sunshine

Lazy days watching the sun set

Short life of foot prints in wet sand

Watching seaguls and sparrows
out run the edges of waves

Yes, I am longing for the first sip of summer.

Pat R


For dVerse Poets Pub where the prompt word is ” Sip”. Stop by and do some reading, or join in.

Quadrille #74



Poetry prompts for the creative mind.
Photo courtesy of PublicDomainPictures

Up, deep into the night
Cigarette smoke swirl and curl
She sits without moving
Studying the movement
Of the smoke in the dimly lit room
Scripting the events of the night
Maybe dawn will shed some light

Pat R


For OctPoWriMo


Ghost Stories


(From public domain)

 The prompt at OctPoWriMo ask that we let a photo inspire a story poem. The photo took me back to childhood at night time under the light of the summer moon …and ghost stories by my dad!


from dusk through
the light of the full moon
we huddle for ghost stories
clinging and squealing
through the scary parts
eyes searching the dark
for shimmering figures
papa at the helm spinning yarns
pulled from thin air
the sweet smells of
sweet potato pudding
baking in outdoor oven
crackle of the wood fire on the bottom
mini blaze of coconut shells
yielding low hiss of blue flames on top
provides intermission from goolish yarns




The Heart


The Heart

You know this is a mistake

You know this man is no good for you

You are again on the verge of losing yourself

Why does the heart not follow where the mind leads?

This question put to me by a friend today

Greater minds than yours or mine have pondered this question my friend

The heart and the mind are just Asynchronous

There is nothing to be done

Old loves should give birth to wiser hearts

Being of sound mind you can decipher the sense from the nonsense.

But there is always the heart

It wants what it wants

We are just along for the ride




OctPoWriMo prompt



fall has come to the city

air brisk, steps match

light coat fare

mini skirts flounce not yet embracing the change

street vendors stouter from layers

cart emits chestnut smoke plumes

pedestrians skirt each other avoiding collision

holiday season enroute

perfect family time