This Fight

in this fight
the bright treads lightly
sparing fools

enlightment a causualty
as ad hoc plans breeds havoc
vindictiveness clings to its perch

Pat R


For Eugi’s Weekly Challenge where the prompt is Enlightenment

For Ronovan Writes Weekly Prompt where the words are Bright & Fight


Writer’s Quote Wednesday


A bit late but I’ve been tweaking all week it seems.

So this is my quote, one of mine..a haiku

“Once upon a time
A portal to tales and lore
Unrestrained fancy”

Pat R


And here is what resulted:

Overcast skies found her
sitting by the window hoping for rain
At the first raindrops she was on her feet
and soon took position by the hollowed out tree
Her favorite tree where imagination roams free
Rainy day puddle trembles
Sideway raindrops plop and splash
Sending micro waves wandering
So it’s surf’s up for fairies
With raindrops splashing her forehead
she stooped for a closer look
to see what she came to see
Bubbles skate the surface
splashing and popping
Fairies riding in bubbles would break out and flee
A secret giggle escapes and trickled into laughter
Now she had seen
what she came to see

Pat R


For Writer’s Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge #WQWWC

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