Garden Snail

Met this fellow in the park yesterday. He practically stood still for his closeup. Citified! I read somewhere that squirrels eat garden snails at times. Must be during times of ‘making do’. I’ve lived through a couple of those myself😊. Even so, what a way to go – inners gone, shell tossed.


and empty –
shell of a garden snail

Pat R




a small garden snail
stretch out on hydrangea leaf
bird eyes its next meal
snail pulls back into his shell
the old dance of deception

Pat R


Daily Prompt : Fraud


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Oddball Photo Challenge

He is snacking on my plants.

Looks like he’s eating a piece of a twig.

I went out to the garden at the start of a drizzle. Saw all kinds of goodies!!

I’m standing in the rain taking pictures. What must the neighbors think:) There”s the oddball aspect of this:)



Cees Oddball Photo Challenge


A Garden Snail

a garden snail
out for a stroll –
languid stretches

Pat R


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