#Thursday Doors – Brooklyn

In Williamsburg
This is the building for that door above
Again in Williamsburg
And this is the building that the one above came from. The Williansburg Savings Bank building. Not sure if it’s still a bank. But there’s one on Flatbush that now house very fancy condos.
This one is around the Grand Army Plaza neighborhood
This one too. They are two apartment building entrances…side by side
Can’t remember where this one was. But I’m sure if I take the time to look Google will have it all done. They time date and tag your photos. Creepy!!
I took a look see…it’s in Williamsburg also. A place of worship, a side door ( compliments of Google)

Pat R

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#Thursday Doors


These were taken in the Grand Army Plaza area of Brooklyn yesterday while I was on the hunt for street murals. The one above is of a synogue and the other two are apartment building entrances.

Pat R


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#Thursday Doors

Today was a beautiful spring day, so I didn’t actually spend time in the library. But rather at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens in advance of the Cherry Blossom Festival this coming weekend. I did pass by to get this photo though.

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Pat R


Day into Evening


This is  shot from the plaza out in front of the library of the buildings on the opposite side of the street from the library, Botanic Gardens entrance and the Brooklyn Museum. The views from the upper floors are prime real estate.  These buildings have come a long way. The whole area has. It’s all around the corner of the trendy Park Slope neighborhood in Brooklyn. The photos taken on this day was done so on one of my laziest of days, filled with people watching, lounging in the café of the library and browsing in the Museum.





Night & Day



These were taken at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn. Its right around the circle where Prospect Park meets the Brooklyn Public Library and you can meander up Eastern Parkway pass the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens to the Brooklyn Museum and all the goodies that has to offer. I have spent many a full days here as evident by the day into night photos.


This photo is of the outside of the Brooklyn Museum. The outside has stadium seating and dancing water fountains. The kids love it. This is a last addition. This was not the case when I first came to New York.


The entry area into the museum has this open air feel because it’s all glass. A huge lobby events are held here. Once on my way home from work there was a black tie affair going on. All fully visible from the strees. It all looked lovely.


The night time lighting makes the daytime shot look pale.