Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge


On one of the last summer days at the beach. A day when going into the water was prohibited because the waves had a hurricane at its back. There it was, a squirting fountain that came up out of the sand each time the tide claimed its place on shore.  It lasted a while. I had not seen that before. It was facinating: )


#Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge

Pat R


DP Challenge: Anticipation

High Tide


a row in nature
can’t stem the moon’s attraction
for the earth – high tide

Yesterday there was a snow storm that dumped over 2 feet of snow on us. The underlying worry was the possibility of flooding due to 50 mile per hour winds further heightening the tide.

the moon claims
her nearness to the earth
regardless of the costs

We got lucky!!

Pat R


High Tide

Carpe Diem Haiku Writing Techniques #24 movement (undou)



Today, I learned something about high tide. I always thought that the gravitational pull was between the ocean and the moon. Not so, it’s between the earth and the moon. But the attraction is such that when the earth moves, the shift in the ocean’s water is what amounts to high tide and low tide. How is that for movement?

caught in between
the moon’s passion for the earth
ocean at high tide

Pat R



For Carpe Diem Haiku

Devastation:A to Z Challenge

D is for

Devastation ..that’s what it was!!

It was bedtime, almost. There was still time to play a few video games before mom clamped down and it would be bedtime for real. It was raining outside and the sound of raindrops pinging on the air-conditioner outside the window was my lullaby. It usually put me in a deep sleep and I would wake up ready to conquer my school day, at least that’s what mom said. That was the plan at least until until high tide. 

All day I have been wondering what high tide was. Everybody was talking about it on the news. I found out that night.  High tide is when the ocean push open the front door and come rushing through the house, floating the fridge the stove, the couch, the table, the bed AND THE VIDEO GAMES. It almost floated me!! But daddy grabbed me and brought me upstairs to grandma. Mommy and my big brother ran up the stairs too. Then daddy went back downstairs to save our clothes in the top drawers.

My toys were all gone. When the water went back to the ocean it took them with it. There must be kids in the ocean that needs toys.