A to Z Challenge Acrostic Poem: JEZEBEL



J is for JEZEBEL

Defiition:  Jezebel..an impudent shameless or morally unrestrained woman


J  Justice was what she craved for the wrongs done to her letting justice take its course was not her way to her that meant payback

E  Every opportunity to use seduction to gain an advantage revealed her true temptress

Z  Zealot that she was worked to her advantage her thirst for vengeance would not be denied

E  Evenings cloaked in the magic of the coming night was when she spun her web

B  Braggarts added more to their encounters than there truly was but that was a price she was willing to pay

E  Evidently her seductions had a purpose and not much to do with pleasure in the end

L  Lackies were made of them all!!