wp-1585097747929.jpgIn the black of night
I step out onto the porch, no light…

Stars are bright, moon’s out
adding to the magic of the night

Wonder how many others are
are finding this night just right

Counting stars enhances the magic of the night

Pat R


Tonight over at dVerse Poets Pub Linda is hosting Monday Quadrille (a 44 word poem invented at dVerse) and the prompt word is “Magic”. So stop by to read or to participate go here.



Magic & Glitter

magic and glitter
of autumn in full glory
smell of burning leaves

filling the crispy cool air
soon bare branches will wear snow

Pat R


Tanka Tuesday over at Silver Threading

Silver’s Weekly #Tanka #Poetry Prompt Challenge #2 Magic & Glitter

Ice Sculptures

Last winter was a doozie! Most days were single digit days with enough snow to spred over three winters. So whatever could go wrong, did go wrong indoor and out. A friend had her share of adventure.  The pipe to the outdoor faucet   froze,  and broke spewing water into the yard. Of course, it did not remain water for long. It just froze atop any piece of outdoor furniture it came in contact with. First she was having a nervous breakdown. But as the size of the sculptures grew she was in awe! So she stopped and started enjoying it for what it was. Soon she was inviting everyone over for tea and ‘ice sculpture viewing’


nature’s center stage

growing ice sculptures in yard –

accidental fountain

spraying water molecules

making magic with cold air



For Carpe Diem Haiku




The hollow of tree trunk
A known gateway for fairies
She paused in pouring rain
Awaiting their appearance

This is how they took a
Bath she knew it had to be
But each time she blinked
Only a ripple did she see

She knew ripples were from the raindrops

They were drawing the fairies’ bath
So there she stood patiently
Waiting to see what she came to see