A couple years ago I spent some time in Sedona Arizona. Along with Santorini and Maui it was one of the coolest places I had ever been. It’s hard to put a name on this feeling. I found myself emersed in the energy and craving quiet. The light, and the sunsets in this place felt curative. Every now and then I still wonder…”what was that!?”

mesmerizing lure

a deep feeling of well being –

in red rock country

this glow infused my spirit

defying definition

Pat R


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Breakfast Bar


Those are surf boards hanging from the ceiling

Literally!!!  A surfer bar, really big and airy. Most of the people in there had tattoos, and was tanned beyond reality and of all ages.

Yep! I was the extra muscle (I was terrible at it- folded at every challenge) on a trip to Hawaii with my sister and her three bad a** kids; ages two, three and six. She is the Angelina Jolie of the family. They are adopted, she is doing God’s work.
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