This place runs at the speed of light

My first time in Manhattan I could not believe the pace.  I kept asking and looking to see where everybody was going. I thought up ahead something crazy had happened and people was just going to see what it was. It was fascinating watching people walking and eating. I guess because where I came from there was no such thing as ‘fast food’. Taxi’s move at maniac speeds, always bumper to bumper.  Pedestrians crossing the streets were moving throngs. The adventurous was crossing in between traffic. Life was moving at the speed of light!

I soon joined them, running here, running there all in a one hour lunch period and getting it done. Shopping for clothes was a big part of it. People always came back with bags. If you went out at the right time there would by someone standing on a corner giving out flyers to sample sales. Yes, samples from designers who needed to make room in their inventory. These were usually in some sort of loft like space or showroom setting, not a clothing store and that stuff went fast.

Or I would opt to just sit on the steps of St Patrick’s Cathedral and watch humanity go by. There was no need for Broadway, this was a show in itself.

Culture Shift

ready for summer


Caribbean sun beating down folks going about their business

a languid stroll eases to a halt in the shade of a almond tree

 a respite for a soaking up of the market day scene

things are getting done not at a hasty pace

perfected is the art of moving under the Caribbean sun