I live near a pier. The only activity here is from the locals – a virtual united nations. No boats, no ferries and that is a good thing.

People come out to fish. But I’ve come to realize that this is less about fishing, and more about community. They come out for sunrise, sunsets and in between, picnics and barbecues on days spent by the water.

People are just people. And when we allow for that, we’re all the better for it.

sunrise off the pier

a very picturesque blush-

here, the earth meets sky



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Thursday Doors – Around Brooklyn

This is my favorite this week. The details on this I’ve never noticed before.
Looks like it needs a little love but is a beauty just the same
Love the round look of this one. Windows everywhere. The light inside must be awesome.
I like this even though I’m not a fan of brown.
Feels like a castle. It’s been there for a while, this one. The Imperial Apartments on Bedford Avenue were built in 1892

This the elevator door to SUNY Optometry, University Eye Center on 42nd St in Manhattan.
These last two are on 42nd St also, next to Cipriani (a fancy restaurant) . Don’t know what this building, is but look at the details!!

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Thursday Doors- Around Brooklyn +

This is on E52…in Manhattan. On the other side of the street is St Patrick’s Cathedral.

Actually pulled over and got out of the car for this one. This is near downtown Brooklyn
A closeup of that church door

This was on Chambers St across from the Court House just off the Brooklyn Bridge. The were doing some work in there

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Christmas Lights!!

Yep, that’s one house going all out for Christmas!

Another view. If you’re wondering where the kids were it was early. It was barely 4pm in the evening.
Reindeers flew by
Bare branches and trunks of trees are fair game.

It was amazing to see in person. Wonder what the electricity bill is like.

This was on the side of the house where the garage was, I think. Santa’s workshop. There was a desk with pencil and paper for kids to write letters to Santa. I thought that was really cool. And no, I didn’t write one People we’re watching!