Northern Lights

like fairy dust
of my dreams
northern lights

Pat R



Carpe. Diem Haiku: Northern Lights


Daily Haiku Challenge




Cathedral of Ice

I was watching a documentary on an under sea expedition in antartica. They were investigating what was causing the demise of the krill, favorite food of whales and other sea life. Divers went under the ice with cameras. The result..a bonus. Described by one immersed in the experience as “under sea cathedrals…”, very appropriately so…
The colors cast onto the ice by daylight was an amazing sight. It looked like the northern lights viewed from under water and ice.

south pole’s under sea
cathedral of ice – steeples
sprinkled with rainbow

Pat R


Solar Storm


Photo credit: Wiki
I was watching the Science Channel recently. At times this facinates or horrifies me. This episode talked about a black hole in the sun that can’t be seen by the naked eye. Through this hole is escaping solar flares (bursts of radiation) which heads toward planet earth and can cause harm to all inhabitants. On arrival to our atmosohere, it clashes with the magnetic field at the pole. Those magical northern lights (aurora borealis) are the results.


Aurora borealis
Northern pole’s tussle with solar storm
In protection mode