Loud Mouth

bird crop 2



Yesterday afternoon this little guy was at the very tallest point in this tree out in front of my house. He was raising such a ruckus I went out into the street to see just who he was yelling at. I heard who, but I couldn’t see them. I was asking, ‘who are you talking to?’ My daughter thought we were both nuts!

City birds; they wait for you to move, they’re not afraid of us humans. He stayed up there carrying on long enough for me to go inside and grab my camera.

This morning as I got to work and was looking for parking there was a pair of birds crossing in the crosswalk. I swear! No exaggeration. I kept waiting for them the fly up, as in ‘ you are about to roll over me so let me scoot’.  But no, that did not happen. No, I didn’t squish them either. Weird!