Thursday Doors – Around Brooklyn

I forgot where I took this one. Such details! …… I went on a big dig and found out just where I took this photo. It is the door of Williamsburg Savings Bank. A shot of the building is next.
Fancy, right!!!

I run across all kinds of interesting things in my morning walks. This was definitely one of them. It was in a space where a garage ought to be. This baby is going nowhere! Of course, when I saw the vent in top my mind went to mmmm.. this could be converted to a studio apartment!
Love this blue.
I’m pretty sure I used this one before. This is the entrance to a yatch club.. or a place for storing boats.
Love the wood and the details here, no paint.
The above door belonged to this building. I used to live in one of those. A nicely curved alcovel off the living room. For us older kids, it was the ‘boyfriend room’. Until mom caught on, that is!
This one has its own personality I think, Even though it’s snuggled up to a monster building on the right
This is such a cutie, it stood vacant and boarded up for a good long time. The right person finally got ahold of it and put a nice face on it. Tiny, but workable!
Love the idea of the window boxes and this rooftop outdoor space. I would be out there at all hours of the night, star gazing🙂

That’s all for this week.

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Flower of The Day

On my walk a few days ago I saw this on a sidewalk. It looked recent, but it wasn’t. This is an image with deep grooves. It looks like someone had taken the time to do this while the concrete was still wet. Usually, when I see these, it amounts to a stained imprint. This wasn’t that.

there it was

living a life held in time –

a once lively sprig



PPAC #8 Immersive Van Gogh ..#2

These are from earlier this summer. Huge projections of Van Gogh’s work was the makeup of this exhibit (onto full walls and floors). One of the coolest things I’ve done in the city!

Some of the fade-ins &outs made for a whole other experience!

A video of the event A bit long, but it gives a pretty good idea of what went on. Enjoy!


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Thursday Doors – Around Brooklyn

Now, that’s a Reno!!! Looking spanking new!

An honest to goodness log cabin built in the 1930s, it used to be an ice cream parlor and luncheonette, now it belongs to Fillmore Real Estate.

The Packer Collegiate Institute is a day school for Pre-K through 12 in Brooklyn. A really nice looking building. Wonder what its like on the inside? Probably very well kept. It looks like money.

Love this row of houses. Finally got a chance to stop and take a photo without someone honking their horn🙂

The row is my fave this week

Pat R


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