Thursday Doors – Around Brooklyn

I was across town in Park Slope this past Monday where I got these shots! Home owners are forever sprucing up over there, well kept!

Colors are following me around this week
Here is the house it belongs to.
Whenever I see this red I think Victorian.
I should’ve taken a pic of the house itself too. Now I’m not remembering what it looked like.
This was a quick snap, someone was watching me, watching this door🙂
Love this blue

This one is my fave this week🙂.


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Echoes of my Neighborhood

I sorta bumped into a street fair in Park Slope, Brooklyn a couple weekends ago. All manner of stuff was available. The topper was this car show. Don’t think they were available. They were just for show.

This is a shot of the back.

This is a tractor

Pat R