Murmur – A Quadrille

Seeking tranquility, time out from the hustle
Afternoon respite inside the cathedral
Flames of lit candles flicker to whispered prayers
Through the murmur came a small voice
“Dear God, please look after grandpa”
A prayer and a plea reverberates through the cool, dim stillness

Pat R


A Quadrille (44 word poem) with the use of the word ‘Murmur’

For dVerse Poets Pub



Gardenia Scent


gardenia scent wafts
as we snuggle on the porch
under summer moon.

Pat R


For Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge Prompt : Smell & Cozy ( using synonyms).



Photo by Julien Laurent via Unsplash

The photo is the prompt: a Raven


morsels for a raven –
dots in the universe

Pat R


For :

3 line tales (TLT) over at Only 100 Words



Weekly Photo Challenge

This is one of my ‘sit down’ spots, night and day.

With all the rain, this baby is 5ft tall…I may have accendentally fed it in the spring…



Why satisfaction? I’m finally finished with making my garden presentable…so now, I’m putting out some cute stuff#!! 🙂

Pat R


For WP Weekly Photo Challenge:Satisfaction