flag 7 good

on the march through time
a complicated history
dreams morph to nightmares –

these tangled footprints still lure
in dreams in faraway lands

Pat R


 For Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #289 Dream&March where the prompt words are “Dream & March”


For Eugenia’s Challenge where the prompt word is “Complicated”


For Frank Tassone’s Challenge where the prompt is “The Dream”

Sidewalk Brawl

between two sparrows
a tumbling-mid-air-to-ground
brawl, a ruckus ploy

depleted, one pulls way back-
entranced, horn rouse me from wonder

Pat R




For Tanka Tuesday over at Colleen’s the prompt words are synonyms for Plan & Spend. I used Ploy & Deplete. See other entries here.

New Birth – Tanka Tuesday


norms devoured, I’m
riveted by the mayhem –
tales taller than most

delivered with conviction,
bringing darkness a new birth

Pat R


We’re using synonyms over at Colleens for Tanka Tuesday..given words are Beginning & Consume. I used Birth & Devour.



Tanka -Intriguing Times


strange ferocity,
delighting in turbulence
shadowy figures
slips in and out of the cold
life in most intriguing times

Pat R


For Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge where the prompt words are: Joy & Fury ( synonyms of)
I used Delight & Turbulence




Smoke & Veil



Lately, I have been feeling like I have been living in Animal Farm. I hate that damn book! I read it in my infancy. I was twelve, and it was my first year of High School. Yes, back then we started High School at 12 and finished at 17. I loved that book! That is, until my teacher busted my bubble. Class discussions opened my eyes to the fact that this book was about humans behaving very badly. To this day I remember the quote I asked the most questions about in class. “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”. I hate that damn book!


smoke unfurls-
a veil of antics
hides fire

Pat R



Colleen Chesebro Weekly Photo challenge


Peace & Spirit

Photo – That’s the moon!  Taken 2 days ago off the pier the moon was rising as the sun was setting. Awesome!

an uneasy peace
small glimpse of spirit of hope
hanging by a thread
frayed nerves huddle in witness,
interesting times are afoot

Tanka Tuesday

Pat R

Trick II

the masked is unmasked
by cantankerous tricksters
nasty ranglings

Pat R


For Haiku Horizons

This political season there has been a lot of flinging in the dirt and just plain flinging dirt. Now everyone is in the dirt. Roaming hands and Weiners, weiners in hand! Yep! We’re headed into the final bout…Who shall it be!!
Who. Shall. It. Be!


Soap Box


There is a Guy on my job. A conscientious objector.  A one Man band.  Yes, this Guy. He spends his lunch hour in this corner at the entrance of the cafeteria with this sign, among others.  When he first started this crusade he was hell bent against the war in Afghanistan. At the time of this picture, a few weeks ago, the U.S. relationship with Iran was his concern. Today it was

” say no to drones, the evil that will come home to roost”

This made me uneasy. I heard myself saying “Jesus, I need to change my lunch hour”, as I read this. When saying so, all the ills he addressed should make me uneasy. This latest one though, got under my skin.

How many one man bands do you suppose it takes to affect change? I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one he had that effect on.