#Flower of the Day – Lotus Flower


IMG_8175 pair

For Cee’s Flower of the Flower of the Day Challenge FOTD.  I’ll admit, that first one looks like and alien:)  The name of this one I know because I took these pictures in the summer at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens at the pond. And..I read the tag. It is a lotus flower !!

Pat R


A Look Back


A humble room, the bed is pushed up against the green wall. The iron head board bobs with every childish wiggle.
The half dresser half wardrobe was the shiniest thing in the room. The most facinating for us as kids was my mom’s pedal operated Singer sewing machine. That was at the front of the room, near the window. The daylight was better there.

At dusk, the kerosene lamp sits on the dinner table offering light through its glass shade. On it the white inscription, “HOME SWEET HOME”. As we sat in bed, waiting for my dad we can barely contain our excitement. It was time for bedtime stories with pictures cast in shadows against the wall.

tall tales of nature –
duck quacks, wiggles his tail
tadpole on his back



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Echoes of my Neighborhood

Yesterday, I went walking at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.  Everything has sprung!! I came upon this show at the lilly pond where there was a visitor.



The attendant said there’s usually two of them that visit every day.


And that they didn’t live there


It was amazing to watch!!



He put on quite a show. The odd thing was, he stayed right between these two lilly pads. Even with all his antics!!

He said a harty goodbye before taking flight.

Pat R


Flames of the forest and more Echoes of my neighbourhood 22