Weekly Photo Challenge:Pure


Taken on my evening walk 2 minutes ago

Nature’s hoax!!??
Whenever I see a new baby I can’t help but be drawn to the ever precious interaction between parent and child. There is nothing like it. Unconditional love in its purest form. Yet, this memory is destined to be lost to this new center of your universe forever!!

Or, what if!!??
What if…we all had full recall of those very early days. What kind of a person would we be? What kind of world would we live in? Love! Love! Love!

Something to think about:)

Yes, I know. What has all this to do with the photo? Nothing! Other than the pure beauty of the setting sun, and just pondering.


Oh, finally found a photo of a brand new cutie-pie 🙂  I don’t get the thing with the feet either, but they’re awfully cute!!!!