Over Time

I never could see my life without him
But there stood this broken trust

Shoving past all that I had come to know would only lead to regrets piled atop regrets –
never again feeling safe

As great as this love was
I knew me
It would not end well
So, I let it go in the most awful way
Never to see, or speak to him for ever
Time is not always the healer
she purports to be
Years later when we could again speak
He asked.
I explained.
That was not about you, I said.
That was about keeping that thread I was hanging by intact.

Pat R

Isn’t it pretty to think so.
–The Sun Also Rises (1926). Ernest Hemingway

Over at dVerse we are to write a poem based on a chosen quote from Hemingways work. I chose the above.

Linking to dVerse Poets Pub where Lisa is hosting Poetics -“One true sentence” . To read other entries go here

The Sound of Red 2


Senses ablaze
My hearts pitter – patter
Betrayed by my breathing
I’m now nearer
Than I planned to be
Nonchalance evaporates
Then came
The taste of you
Mingling with
The sound of red

Pat R

Inspired by the prompt over at dVerse Poets Pub: Symbolism



The Heart


The Heart

You know this is a mistake

You know this man is no good for you

You are again on the verge of losing yourself

Why does the heart not follow where the mind leads?

This question put to me by a friend today

Greater minds than yours or mine have pondered this question my friend

The heart and the mind are just Asynchronous

There is nothing to be done

Old loves should give birth to wiser hearts

Being of sound mind you can decipher the sense from the nonsense.

But there is always the heart

It wants what it wants

We are just along for the ride