A new haiku challenge from our host here at Carpe Diem Haiku

First, write two lines to given haiku
Second, write a 3 line haiku
Third, visiting readers add two lines to my haiku.
Following is the given haiku written by our host

light of the full moon
shines through coloured leaves
at last … autumn
© Chèvrefeuille

autumn day cool and rainy
raindrops pelting colored leaves (mine)

a squirel runs through
ground cover of fallen leaves
in his mouth a small bulb.       (Mine)

(you’re next – 2 lines if you feel like it:)



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A is for Adams

Today is day one of the Blogging A to Z Challenge

I thought I would take this opportunity to learn a little more about art/artists/painters/paintings and master works than I do know.

Ottis Adams was an American impressionist painter and member of the Hoosier Group of Indiana painters. He spent his youth in Franklin, Shelbyville, and Martinsville, Indiana and attended Wabash College for two years. Born: July 8, 1851, Johnson County, IN  Wikipedia

Impressionism and American painters – I did not necessarily put the two together.

Beautiful trees with a quiet river  -  John Ottis Adams

River Landscape


An American Impressionist from Indiana


 cloud free day

reflecting heaven on earth

luminous lighting


winding light – a blend

heaven gently kissing earth