Creep & Race

Taken this morning in my garden! A little nippy out there today.

creeping vines
in deep fall colors
race over

Pat R


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Writer’s Quote Wednesday

“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.”

– Ernest Hemingway

I love this quote. I found out something new about Hemingway today. He was a poet! Yep, before notoriety, fame and fortune, he wrote poetry and lots of it!

I never got really deep into Hemingway, though it was always my intention. My general takeaway though, is that he just larger than life. I read an interview of him once, and I felt sorry for the interviewer. If he didn’t like the question. He would just take it, turn it around and answer that instead. It was hilarious and must have been something to watch.

The following link is to some of his poetry on

And here is one of his poems, don’t know what hr was talking about, but there was cussing! And he was clearly mad:)

The Age Demanded

The age demanded that we sing
And cut away our tongue.

The age demanded that we flow
And hammered in the bung.

The age demanded that we dance
And jammed us into iron pants.

And in the end the age was handed
The sort of **** that it demanded.

by Hemingway

I found the following on wikipedia, a collection of his poems:

Complete Poems
Author Ernest Hemingway
Complete Poems, originally edited and published in 1979 by Nicholas Gerogiannisand revised by him in 1992, is a compilation of all the poetry of Ernest Hemingway.

Hemingway stopped publishing poetry as his fame grew, but continued to write it up until his death. (Wiki)

Who knew!


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Writer’s Quote Wednesday

This week I am participating in Writer’s Quote Wednesday hosted by Colleen over at in cooperation with

Here are my quotes:

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”

“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear”

“Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend”

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends”

“We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools”

All quotes by Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.

Pat R


Trill & Final


Photo of street art

the final moments
of recess has come – the trill
of the bell lingers

Pat R


I can still hear that bell. A good sized hand held brass bell. It was rung at the beginning and end of recess and lunch. It usually meant the end of all playing. The whole schoolyard rushed to lineup for re entry to their classrooms. Ah, those were the days dusty school yard, dusty chalk boards and that warm breeze blowing through the open classroom.

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Trill & Final

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Writer’s Quote Wednesday

Today I am sharing on Writers Quote Wednesday over at It’s in collaboration with where writers share quotes by writers that are inspiratoonal..or not. Anyway, it’s a fun event. All are welcome to join in. I am a little late this week, but here is mine:

Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending.
– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

A poet can survive everything but a misprint.
– Oscar Wilde

“If I had not existed, someone else would have written me, Hemingway, Dostoyevsky, all of us.”
—William Faulkner

Wow! I am still thinking about the meaning of this last one:)

Pat R




To all who stopped by, left a comment and showed some appreciation for my scribbles, I thank you.

May the New Year bring you more of what you want, and all of what you need.
To you and yours I wish you a healthy, happy, prosperous and PEACEFUL New Year!!!!!

Pat R


Year & New


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Took this photo of the full moon over Christmas! Only to hear that this won’t happen again during Christmas for another 36 years!!!

coming to an end
this year’s trips around the sun
chances for new start

coming to an end
this year’s trips around the sun
a new moon rises

Pat R


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his first months of life were spent in a shoe box

in the top dresser drawer wrapped in

a very warm blanket

poor folks incubator

fed with a dropper the midwife offered

very little chance for survival

his momma named him


from a fragile start

he weathered the storms of life

grew into an oak



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