Goodwill Choka


Photo of a house in our neighborhood

Christmas drawing near
Season of goodwill and thanks
Children’s full delight
Pure in heart among us all
Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve
Some chimneys he makes
it down some he’s just too fat
But he vows to find a way

Pat R



this snow


Before Christmas dawn
Heralding the new born King
Carolers from church

It’s Christmas morning
I know I have been naughty
Hope Santa is nice

Walking in the dark
While Singing Christmas carols
I hold my mom’s hand

As a child, at Christmas time, members of our church would go caroling all throughout the Christmas season. By this I mean standing out in the front of peoples homes, singing Christmas carols. It was usually at nights, the blackest of nights, it probably wasn’t but that was the perception. I was not fond of the dark, so I held fast to an adult hand. I made sure I did not get lost, left behind, or collected by the boogey man! I wonder is people still do that, a wandering band of carolers.