Above the Sea


Photo credit:experiencezimbabwe.com

Lunar rainbows, also known as “moonbows”, are rainbows (during full moon) that take place at night. Victoria Falls is one of a very limited number of sites around the world, which are known for the occurrence of moonbows.

This post is in response to a prompt from Carpe Diem Haiku: above the sea

Our host started with two of Kikahu’s a haiku by Kikaku (1661-1707), one of Basho’s closest friends and students. Kikaku has almost the same attraction to the beauty of nature as Basho had and he (Kikaku) has written wonderful haiku:

his wooden gate
shuts me out for the night
winter moon

above the sea
a rainbow, erased by
a flock of swallows

© Kikaku (Tr. Michael K. Bourdaghs)

Our host’s attempt

finally home
I shut the gate of my garden
ah! the Honeysuckle
© Chèvrefeuille

My attempt

far above the sea
waterfall’s mist in moonlight
ah! – lunar rainbow