Thursday Doors Recap of favorites

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Over at Norm’s Thursday Doors this week we are doing a recap of our favorite door finds for the end of year post. Stop by and take a peek! Happy Holidays to all!!


This was taken in the Bronx. We were so lost, and totally stuck in traffic. But thank goodness I wasn’t driving! This was so pristine. Even the fire escape above was freshly painted.


In Park Slope Brooklyn


I can’t remember what this building was. If only I could read that sign. I wonder what kinda life it lived vefore its current one.


This is the library door at Grand Army Plaza Brooklyn. Humongus!

This I found in Brooklyn, maybe Clinton Hills. I remember thinking this place used to be industrial, now converted to apartment building with a fabulous entrance.
Side entrance to St Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC . I had to wait, and wait to get this shot free of people…well, almost.

Took this one on Long Island yesterday. The building is being renovated. This door is about to live a new life.
This one was taken in Park Slope, the entrance to a Brownstone. Beautiful!
An angular view of the Brownstone homes in this neighborhood. They retained their details, a good thing I think.
I really liked all the details on this door. This shot kinda hides it a bit because of the time of day, but I still like it.
I can’t remember where this one was taken. Nice though.
A church door. Love the details here.
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One of the entries of Macy’s at 34th St in Manhattan. I wish they still had the original door.. this is definitely not it. But I love the surround.
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This is downtown Brooklyn on Atlantic Ave. Yep, this was once the Ex=Lax factory. Now condos!
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I can never see the door on this building. Seems there is alway some construction going on here. But I love the details, and that they took the time to paint out the trim. Nice color!

I’m not sure what this building is. It was at the edge of a park. Very detailed. Taken in Washington, DC
Public Library at 42nd St in Manhattan
This is a close-up of the library door above. I stopped the flow of people by saying, “..please, please this is for homework..”.. They obliged.

New York Yacht Club on West 44th St in Manhattan ..this is a window. Yep! A yacht club..
This one is more recent. It is my hotel room door in Sedona Arizona. I loved that place, my first time there. Beautiful.


This was in one of my recent posts for Thursday doors. The cool thing about this door is that it’s on the side of an apartment building. It’s the entrance to a doctor’s office. The front is the usual modern monstrosity, but it looks like they kept the original here!!

I love this one mostly because it was a night shot and I liked how it turned out.

I love this door. It’s not an old door. It’s a new door imitating an old one. It caught my attention while I was driving, so I pulled over to photograph it. There was a gate and I was trying not get the rails in the shot. And out came a young man who asked me if I wanted to come in. We talked about his door. He proudly stated that his door was influenced by his grandmother. He loved the old look of it. Another thing that made it truly stand out was that it was in an area that couldn’t be more congested. A gem!


Merry Christmas one and all!😚😚

Pat R

Frazzled Heart

I took this photo in Sedona, Arizona. One of my new favorites. I don’t know if this cactus, in its last days assumed the shape of the heart. But, even the youngest among us pointed with delight, “Look! It’s a heart!”, a look of wonder on her face. It was a joy to see😊

Thursday Doors – #Sedona, Az


I recently spent some time in Sedona, Arizona. A most beautiful space! The doors here are of the hotel room, and the last two are on the premises next door – a place for artists. I can’t wait to go back!

Pat R


For #Thursday Doors over at Norm’s

Pop on over, take a look and join in😊


Desert -Sedona, Az





This baby is $28,000.00



My first trip to Sedona…it was jaw dropping, natures’s art at its best. Folks are very artsy, sculptures, paintings, and jewelry every where. Very friendly. I don’t know why I expected sand, too many movies I guess. Felt like I was living in a painting. Maybe that’s why everyone was so mellow😊. I drove up steep, curvy roads. Looked down the deepest canyons, and saw in person for the first time a few people rock climbing!!!  Like in the movies!! And everywhere we ate, the food was ridiculously good. We stayed at Los Abrigados. Excellent. One of most surprising thing was the weather. Though it was in the desert we were at a 3000 foot elevation.  It was way cooler than I expected.  I loved it!!!!

Pat R