Hope – A Shadorma

this new day

as morning dew perch

on perky

blades of grass

reflecting colors of dawn –

I embrace the day



The Shadorma consists of a six-line stanza (or sestet). Each stanza is written as 3-5-3-3-7-5 for a total of 26 syllables with no set rhyme scheme. When writing a Shadorma, I would concentrate on a specific subject. Shadorma need a title.

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Poetry challenge #17: Shadorma

This week I am joining Jane Dougherty over at janedougherty.wordpress.com in composing a shadorma (my first). These are the guidelines for the poem _

The prompt is the photo above and Jane writes:

“It’s trees, and there’s an atmospheric picture to inspire you. To refresh the memory, a shadorma is a six line stanza (or a whole string of them if you feel like it) in a syllable pattern of”

stark bare limbs
in ocean of fog
stand in still
water molecules afloat
paints an impression

Pat R


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