Singing Rounds

Longing for a reprieve, I went for a walk amid piles of snow today. We got about two feet a couple days ago. I wasn’t the only one out though. The neighborhood stray cats were on the prowl again, nothing stops them.

With reduced human movement, birds in snow covered bushes are singing rounds.

through mid morning air

a chorus of lively tweets –

songs of early spring



For Tanka Tuesday over at Colleens where it is the Poets choice this week.

High Tide


a row in nature
can’t stem the moon’s attraction
for the earth – high tide

Yesterday there was a snow storm that dumped over 2 feet of snow on us. The underlying worry was the possibility of flooding due to 50 mile per hour winds further heightening the tide.

the moon claims
her nearness to the earth
regardless of the costs

We got lucky!!

Pat R