Seasons – Celebration


finally winter has gone
early plum blossoms
© Chèvrefeuille
patches of blue skies peek through
canopy of pink blossoms

tender new leaves
return to empty branches –
filling in bare sky
as they tremble in spring breeze
story of spring starts anew

as dusk creeps in
fireflies put on their own show –
jazz in the park
this evening near summer’s end
time has moved on without me

autumn leaves drizzle
nature’s full regalia
reds browns oranges
branches are once again bare
first snowflake, cool kiss on my lips

signs of spring
red robin basking in sun…
plum blossoms in bloom
old couple stroll hand in hand
at plum blossom festival

Pat R


For Carpe Diem weekend-meditation #4 Soliloquy no renga (solo renga):Celebration

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