I took this photo during a brutal winter, last year I think in my friends back yard. A frozen pipe broke and spewed onto the garden furniture and created this..that is a regular bench.

hard as hell
but it can still be
a beauty

“Life is never what you expect, it’s how you deal with what comes that makes a man or a woman out of you”

It’s a realization that dawns
After you managed to live through
That punch in the gut
You were sure you would
never get over
First, it’s “why me!”
But, why not you!! What makes you so darn special?
This is life, and everybody’s got to go through it. If you’re lucky.
Afterall, what is the alternative?

Pat R


Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge ( #WQWWC)

That quote is something I came up with. I’m sure I’m not the first to come up with this group of words.