Wish & Magic

Photo taken at the Terminal Market in Brooklyn where all things plants and food can be found. Spring is the time of year when the romantic gardens in my head bears little resemblance to the reality in my yard. Nonetheless, I dream on and capture it all in photographs.

at the dawn of spring
magical awakenings
wishes start anew
old worries dissipate and
I’m a part of all things new

Pat R


For Tanka Tuesday with Colleen

Hard & Soft

from hard frozen ground
the most delicate seedlings –
the magic of spring
brings old limbs a taste of youth
clad in soft delicate blooms

Pat R


For Tanka Tuesday with Colleen

Clouds & Spring

the light of the sun
in hiding behind dark clouds
a rainy spring day

I embrace the first raindrops
thankful for hidden blessings

Pat R


Tanka Tuesday

Fire & Rain

at the first rain drops
I move to the window seat
crackling fire
and rhythm on tin roof, I’m
seduced by the elements

Pat R


For Tanka Tuesday over at colleenchesebro.com


Lavish – #DailyHaikuChallenge

Help & Smile

I can’t help but smile

when I think of you – long walks

sharing hopes and dreams

your help as the waves claimed sand

beneath my feet, I felt safe

Pat R



Tanka Tuesday

Fog & Change

poking through the fog
an impressionist painting
without the fanfare
scenes shift, change and come alive
feeds my imagination

Pat R


Tanka Tuesday



delicate snowflakes
in whirl like falling blossoms
quick perch on my lips
left the touch of a cool kiss
charm of one winter memory

Pat R





#Tanka Tuesday : Charm & Touch

Daily Haiku Challenge