True Silence


my inner voice
like remnants of an echo
thrives in true silence


in the peaceful scenes
of the mountains silence reigns
melodious creek
and the wind in trees bring me
to a place of true silence

Pat R


For Carpe Diem Namasté The Spiritual Way #5 self consciousness
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Inspired by:

old barn
in the middle of the field
so desolate
a playground for the wind
deep silence of no where

(c) Chèvrefeuille


“…There is a silence where hath been no sound,
There is a silence where no sound may be,
In the cold grave—under the deep deep sea,
Or in the wide desert where no life is found,
Which hath been mute, and still must sleep profound;
No voice is hush’d—no life treads silently,
But clouds and cloudy shadows wander free,
That never spoke, over the idle ground:
But in green ruins, in the desolate walls
Of antique palaces, where Man hath been,
Though the dun fox, or wild hyena, calls,
And owls, that flit continually between,
Shriek to the echo, and the low winds moan,
There the true Silence is, self-conscious and alone. …”

(c) Thomas Hood

Also for

Help & Smile

I can’t help but smile

when I think of you – long walks

sharing hopes and dreams

your help as the waves claimed sand

beneath my feet, I felt safe

Pat R



Tanka Tuesday

Rainy Days


wind starts door creaking
curtains billow through windows
dust from parched earth rise
as gray skies give way, raindrops
clamor – kids on porch with friends


wind starts door creaking
curtains billow through windows
dust from parched earth rise
kids on the  porch with their friends
paper boats in hand, pure joy

Pat R


The prompt is
Door& Friend
over at Tanka Tuesday with Colleen

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Fog & Change

poking through the fog
an impressionist painting
without the fanfare
scenes shift, change and come alive
feeds my imagination

Pat R


Tanka Tuesday



delicate snowflakes
in whirl like falling blossoms
quick perch on my lips
left the touch of a cool kiss
charm of one winter memory

Pat R





#Tanka Tuesday : Charm & Touch

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