Thursday Doors

Lived another life. Now it has been regentrified..note the air condition unit up top.

A closeup

No doors here, just an open invitation to sit. This is at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens- donated by a daughter in honor of her parents. I love the inscription!

Love this plant box at the Botanic Gardens. It’s in the herb garden. With the top closed it becomes a starter box. It’s also very good looking.


Dismissal time outside a High School, all heads bowed and fingers flying:)

Pat R

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Thursday Doors

The closeup of this door below, is from the church above. These were taken in Washington, D.C.

I’m not sure what this building is. It was at the edge of a park. Very detailed. Also taken in Washington.

I saw this one riding around Brooklyn. It is the entrance of an apartment building.




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Thursday Doors – W34th St

I am more in love with the awning over the door than the door itself.

Just two this week. These were taken on W34th Street in Manhattan yesterday.

Pat R

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Thursday Doors

The green door-
I am not sure this is an entrance to a garage, or to a courtyard as was the case during the age of the horse and buggy. This is a part of a multi-storey building, so who knows. Interesting looking I thought.

The yellow door-
Is to an apartment building.

And the black and white door-
Is to a private home, a Victorian I believe.

They are all taken on the same block in Midwood Brooklyn, the neighborhood of Brooklyn College.  Yep! we’re squished together like that in Brooklyn. All makes and models…archetecture and ethnicities. As a matter of fact, I was on a Falafel run. Even though it was way, way across a few neighborhoods, it was well worth the travels.

Pat R


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Thursday Doors

This used to be a bank (Williamsburg Bank), now condos.
The first photo is of a building that used to be the phone company building. It is now repurposed as condos. Very pricy condos.
Manhattan has moved across the Brooklyn Bridge into Downtown Brooklyn. And with it came the traffic. It used to take me 30 minutes from my neighborhood to the bridge. That now takes 90 minutes. Progress.

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Thursday Doors

This is what the outside of the brownstones look like.
To read more on this type of buildings go here.

Closeup of the doors to this brownstone

This is a door to a school

Doors to a Catholic Church

And there is this one…my favorite.

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