Thursday Doors

This is what the outside of the brownstones look like.
To read more on this type of buildings go here.

Closeup of the doors to this brownstone

This is a door to a school

Doors to a Catholic Church

And there is this one…my favorite.

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Pat R


Thursday Doors

I was wandering around in Park Slope today.the home of brownstones with interesting archetectural features…Everyone I go by this one I wonder what they use this room for, besides a sun room that is.

Maybe it’s an office, it’s just so exposed. Just below that fence is the sidewalk, then a narrow street.

..and interesting doors

Except for this one that I captured in another neighborhood.

On this one, the top looked better than the door.


Pat R


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Thursday Doors



It’s a make believe saloon door. The original ones swing in and out  I think. But it’s cute just the same. It’s the door to a trendy bar in Brooklyn Hts I believe.


This is a long shot of the whole front before I snipped it half..



2nd half.



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