Daily Post Prompt: Back Door

Look out your back window or door — describe what you see, as if you were trying to convey the scene to someone from another country or planet.


Lookin’ Out My Back Door

What do I see,

yard grass

garden awaking

a slow process from winter

all straw colored plants

tulips are awake

the push to flower is on

they are half way there

the hydrangea

still in a winter retreat

there’s no new life yet

hostas lilies ferns

are still in a deep slumber

not waking till hot

jacob’s ladder lives

alongside the fern huddles

till prolonged warmth comes



Wild Hair

wild hair

In the spring it is Forsythia in full glory with bright yellow flowers.  On snowy winters day it is:

Wild Hair

Stripped of my flowers

 Then my leaves

I had no choice but to go to sleep


I know I am supposed to be a sleep

Gaining new depths

Gathering more nutrients

Getting ready for Spring


 But this hair

This wild hair

Offering support to snow flakes

Piled atop each other


Icicles with expert balancing

Ooh, just makes me shiver

Gives me new vigor

Makes me feel alive


Yes, I know I am supposed to be asleep

But my wild hair and I are communing with nature

I’m a full part of it all year long

Yes. I know. I’m supposed to be asleep