Meditation – Solo Renga

the dust of stars
shining radiance
© Jane Reichhold

in magic of full moon light
star dust and snow flakes mingle

through the stillness –
falling snowflakes bathing
in moonlight

twinkling as they drift
I am held in this moment

day moon lingering
bids farewell to moonflower
hints of melancholy

rising sun on horizon…
moonflower is now asleep

Pat R


Carpe Diem Haiku


Weekly Photo Challenge:Layered

one leaf at a time
vines sprawl on trunk bear scribles
of the coming fall

Pat R


Weekly Photo Challenge: Layered

For Daily Post: Leaf

For Carpe Diem Haiku: Creating Beauty



Weekly Photo Challenge:Shiny

A lovely detour in Bryant Park. ‘Tis the evening of the Bare Foot Ball. I don’t know how much of a ball it was, didn’t stay. But it sounded like a DJ (a famous one), and dancing on the lawn in your bare feet:)

Pat R