Silver Threading : Farewell

“I rewrote the ending to “Farewell to Arms”, the last page of it, thirty-nine times before I was satisfied”

– Ernest Hemingway

This quote inspired this haiku:


search for perfection

long farewell

Pat R


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Writer’s Quote Wednesday: Unity


“Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances”.

-Maya Angelou

Haiku inspired by this quote:

rain through wind

drops upon tin roof

one rhythm

Pat R



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Ronovan Writes Haiku

Writer’s Quote Wednesday

“Description begins in the writer’s imagination, but should finish in the reader’s”.

– Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

I was thinking along these lines earlier this week. It felt to me like once you’ve written something and put it out there it gets a life of its own. Several lives, in fact. It has much less to do with you once you’ve let it go. It goes on to touch lives differently. The “touching” can be rooted in the past, the present or hopes for the future. I know this is what I am going through myself when I read something that moves me. The piece can mean an altogether different thing to the reader, than it did when it came out of you. But then, that’s the beauty of it all, isn’t it!

A very cool quote by Stephen King, I thought:)

This is for Colleen over at Silver Threading on Writer’s Quote Wednesday.

I am off prompt today, but I wanted to participate this week.

Writer’s Quote Wednesday

“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.”

– Ernest Hemingway

I love this quote. I found out something new about Hemingway today. He was a poet! Yep, before notoriety, fame and fortune, he wrote poetry and lots of it!

I never got really deep into Hemingway, though it was always my intention. My general takeaway though, is that he just larger than life. I read an interview of him once, and I felt sorry for the interviewer. If he didn’t like the question. He would just take it, turn it around and answer that instead. It was hilarious and must have been something to watch.

The following link is to some of his poetry on

And here is one of his poems, don’t know what hr was talking about, but there was cussing! And he was clearly mad:)

The Age Demanded

The age demanded that we sing
And cut away our tongue.

The age demanded that we flow
And hammered in the bung.

The age demanded that we dance
And jammed us into iron pants.

And in the end the age was handed
The sort of **** that it demanded.

by Hemingway

I found the following on wikipedia, a collection of his poems:

Complete Poems
Author Ernest Hemingway
Complete Poems, originally edited and published in 1979 by Nicholas Gerogiannisand revised by him in 1992, is a compilation of all the poetry of Ernest Hemingway.

Hemingway stopped publishing poetry as his fame grew, but continued to write it up until his death. (Wiki)

Who knew!


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I took this photo during a brutal winter, last year I think in my friends back yard. A frozen pipe broke and spewed onto the garden furniture and created this..that is a regular bench.

hard as hell
but it can still be
a beauty

“Life is never what you expect, it’s how you deal with what comes that makes a man or a woman out of you”

It’s a realization that dawns
After you managed to live through
That punch in the gut
You were sure you would
never get over
First, it’s “why me!”
But, why not you!! What makes you so darn special?
This is life, and everybody’s got to go through it. If you’re lucky.
Afterall, what is the alternative?

Pat R


Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge ( #WQWWC)

That quote is something I came up with. I’m sure I’m not the first to come up with this group of words.

Writer’s Quote Wednesday


A bit late but I’ve been tweaking all week it seems.

So this is my quote, one of mine..a haiku

“Once upon a time
A portal to tales and lore
Unrestrained fancy”

Pat R


And here is what resulted:

Overcast skies found her
sitting by the window hoping for rain
At the first raindrops she was on her feet
and soon took position by the hollowed out tree
Her favorite tree where imagination roams free
Rainy day puddle trembles
Sideway raindrops plop and splash
Sending micro waves wandering
So it’s surf’s up for fairies
With raindrops splashing her forehead
she stooped for a closer look
to see what she came to see
Bubbles skate the surface
splashing and popping
Fairies riding in bubbles would break out and flee
A secret giggle escapes and trickled into laughter
Now she had seen
what she came to see

Pat R


For Writer’s Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge #WQWWC

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