lollygagging mode
adrift to the days of old
a sense of well being –
recess bell spawns youthful dash –
dusty school yard – smell of rain

Pat R


For Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday where the prompt words are synonyms of “slow & work”.
I used “lollygagging & spawn”.
Lollygagging…what’s not to love about that word. I can hear my Primary School teacher’s voice (Mrs Beckford), “stop lollygagging and get in with it!”

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no tethering
in open sky except for
matters of the heart
Aquila’s venus


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Taking flight

Carpe Diem Ghost Writer #43 and Carpe Diem Special #142, “taking flight” by Kala Ramesh

IMG_8806 full moon

Taking Flight

They were out all day. After dinner, they went to the after hour lounge. An eclectic group they were Greeks, Americans, Italians, and a Jamaican. Ā All eyes were on them as they entered. The six foot four inch hunk on stage started a sultry tune in greek; his gaze fixed in their direction, strumming his guitar. They now had the full attention of everyone in the place.Ā  Stares turned to smiles as patrons swayed gently in their seats as the song progressed.Ā  She just knew it was about her. Her ears were getting hot. So she took a deep breath, held a nervousĀ smile and with lips barelymoving she asked, “Ok, what is he singing”. The response, “He is serenading you”. Song over and with the whole place watching he left the stage and moved towards them.

Taking flight-
A butterfly shrugs off
Its shadow
Kala Ramesh







he would treasure her
if given another chance
now, to earn that chance

In the callousness of youth he had squandered the heart entrusted to him. He had come to this realization years ago, and had waited in the hope of reconnecting. It was a long journey. First, he had to be forgiven. She was finally talking to him again.
There was hope.