15 responses to “One Liner Wednesdays

      • It would just be easier if I could forgive NOW, today–the ‘eventually’ part tends to wear on me, and I know it doesn’t really affect the other person…they usually go along their merry way… (this is probably one of those “don’t get me started” deals, haha 🙂 )


      • That’s good. I too am a work in progress, or as I term it, “a reconstruction/renovation project” 🙂 I don’t have much interaction with people in person…so the subject rarely comes up. I like the people on the blogs–seems we can speak more openly, less judgment, more compassionate understanding ❤ I think you're wonderful 🙂


      • Ah, thank you Ennle:))..I think we are all under reconstruction, or we’re trying to reconstruct someone else to fit into some mold. Of course, that never works. Plus, I’m too old for that crap now:))


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