Thursday Doors

More photos from my trip to Istanbul. A really interesting place to visit.

Dolmabahce, Mosque, Istanbul

Taken while on a day cruise on the Sea of Marmara. An inland sea.

Istanbul University area
You could feel the youthful vibe in this area.
Feels like I might have posted this one before….but, it’s a beauty
This building and the two below was a part of our tour. The tour guide wanted to point out the preservation side of things.



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The New Black

political strife –

fierce bubbles in the caldron

cruelty, the new black



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Definition of Senryu

“Senryu is a short poetic genre which focuses on people. Men, women, husbands, wives, children, and relatives. It portrays the characteristics of human beings and the psychology of the human mind. Even when senryu depict living things such as animals, insects, and plant life, or when they depict inanimate objects, they are portrayed with the emphasis on their human attributes”, per the Senryu Circle.