A Photo a Week Challenge: Nostalgia


My wisteria, it’s finally come to life with blooms! And in my garden!

My school was tucked in a neighborhood of wealth and mansions. In front of one of the homes was a heavy duty trellis that housed a wisteria vine. Parts of it was six to eight inches around. It was a piece of art. It had some age to it and the blooms no longer came. But it had claimed that trellis as it’s own.

The owner clearly held it in some regard because there was a plaque identifying it as a wisteria vine. I have been facinated by it ever since. So I planted my own a few years ago, and it still lives !

Pat R


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Butter Yellow

I bought these a few weeks ago, they are still in bloom at a bright spot near the window. We are up to week three, with a diet of indirect sunlight and three ice cubes once a week – we seem to still be keeping company. Orchids have a mind of their own. Mostly, I’m just along for the ride.

Spring Rain



(I took this photo in my garden yesterday. Can’t wait for these peonies to open up:) The poor thing was in a deep bow this morning. Probably drunk on raindrops.)


birds have gone silent


they too are caught up

in the melody of the rain


nature walk interrupted

as may flowers and young leaves

dance in spring rain


Pat R


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Cee’s Flower Of The Day

FOTD – May 30, 2019 – Bearded Iris


One-Liner Wednesday


I photographed this fly yesterday. His perch was for such a long time, got so many photos. Wonder what that was all about?…Mmmm..


My quote this week is as follows:

One step forward, two draconian steps backwards.

Pat R


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