Thursday Doors – Around Brooklyn

Full front view
Front facing, a little tighter
A little bit tighter still, I was hoping no one from the inside was watching me.
A facing front shot that is focusing on the side. A very handsome side!
A closeup of that tippy top from the above photo. Check out the window on that. There was more of that off the ground floor porch. I didn’t get a shot because I would have to go too close.
A view from the side. The owners must be used to people either just standing and stare, or taking pictures. This house is stunning!!

A lady was going by pushing a stroller with two kids so I did one of those ” pretending not to be gauking at this house” and she just started laughing. Then we started laughing. ” It’s for sale”, she said. “Wanna guess how much?”.

My guess was 7M…she said try 12. So of course I googled it. But it’s closer to 13M. To get a look at the inside see it here.

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Thursday Doors – Around Brooklyn

This one is in Manhattan. What is going on here? Looks crooked. wonder what the actual connection at that spot looks like on the inside.
This one was in Alaska
A closeup



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Spring Dance

a pair of cardinals

in my garden – in spring dance

they zip here, fly there

pecking at freshly tilled soil

a cold and windy spring day



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on nearing daybreak

night eases to a halt

day moon takes its place

readying for dusk

the sleepy eyes of dawn

which comes with its own demands



For Eugi’s prompt where the word is “dusk”

Sorry for being so late Eugi🙂

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