Bold Faced Moon

she is back to being

a mere sliver of a moon

no longer bold faced –

memories of her rich glow

lingers in darker night sky



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Free fall

an exquisite fumble

for all to witness

crazy is wide awake

no longer lurks deep within

the door of nutsville flung wide open

as he melts all the way down

like a molten candle

never to regain its shape –

that thread that he hung by

now in free fall



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Giggly Swirl

at the whim of morning winds

fallen leaves in giggly swirl

splashes of color then move

in a lazy sway



Saw this on my morning walk.

This week over at Word Craft A Specific Form..A Kouta..a new form to me. It is a syllabic, variable odd numbered syllable lengths, the most common patterns are written in lines of alternating 7-5-7-5 syllables or 7-7-7-5 syllables. 

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Haibun Monday – Talking Soup

When I was growing up, each day of the week had its own menu. Sunday was beef, wednesday was stewed (red) peas, friday was fish and saturday was soup day.

The different types of soup sounds a little nuts, but they were good. There was beef, cow cod (don’t ask), fish head, cow foot, goat head, red peas, split peas and chicken soup. Red peas soup was my favorite.

That thing was a meal. My mom would let us ‘help’ by passing the vegetables which were carrots, celery, turnips, yellow yam, potatoes, and dumplings. We all wanted to help make the dumplings. A soup without dumplings was just not a good soup in our house. Then, of course, there were the spices – salt, scallions, thyme, garlic and pimento seeds (Allspice).

These soups brought a healing touch to every part of our insides. You could smell it from everywhere! It was fuel, it was filling, it was love.

through this autumn gray

memory from childhood wafts in –

soup day, saturday



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Troiku – Autumn

autumn gusts

swirling cloud of colors

tucked in autumns chill


autumn gusts

the earth takes a turn

a time of renewal


swirling cloud of colors

alive in the autumn sun –

the rustle tells the tale


tucked in autumns chill

a gaggle of geese takes flight

squirrels run here, then there



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Warm Memories

in this backward glance

no haunting, just goofy smiles

and warm memories



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I have making coin rolls, trying for some order, when I found this little weirdo among the dimes. I have no idea what it is!



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