Sea of Tulips


No I don’t know this little Cutie Pie, she just wandered into my shot!!


Picture taken at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens  (one of my favorite shots:)

wind blown spring days send
ripple through sea of tulips
very pleasing sight

Pat R


Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge prompt words :

Blow & Please

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Mushroom Art


Pat R



Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge

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Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: January 29, 2017


WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge
where the prompt is Repurposed.

I’m calling it –

‘Mushroom Art’…..

Why not? 🙂 ..And with that it’s repurposed.

#Thursday Doors


This is the door to a stone church. One of those that has an old burial ground in its yard. A whole lot of history I’m sure. It’s located in an area that is now highly traveled by people and all manner of buses, cars and trucks. I barely got this pedestrian-free shot. It’s like a step back in time. A stark contrast to what goes on in the surrounding area.



delicate snowflakes
in whirl like falling blossoms
quick perch on my lips
left the touch of a cool kiss
charm of one winter memory

Pat R





#Tanka Tuesday : Charm & Touch

Daily Haiku Challenge


Flow & Tear


high tides flow inland
as ocean reaches skyward
full moon on a tear

Pat R


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Flow & Tear

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