Oddball Photo Challenge

He’s lived a tough life, look at that left foot!

At first I thought ..”aaw! A heart! Then the other side of my brain kicked in and said,..”Dah! It’s to protect the drain”. Makes sense. This was on Governor’s Island.

For Cees Oddball Photo Challenge

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: August 13, 2017

Weekly Photo Challenge:Shiny

A lovely detour in Bryant Park. ‘Tis the evening of the Bare Foot Ball. I don’t know how much of a ball it was, didn’t stay. But it sounded like a DJ (a famous one), and dancing on the lawn in your bare feet:)

Pat R



Hate & Pride


the trampled on pride –
a growing cloud over love
a long recovery
emotions battle between
love hate, heart wants what it wants

Pat R



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