Dressing for Spring

nature takes a turn –

bare branches dressing for spring

set sway in spring gust


Pat R



For Frank Tassone’s Haiku Challenge

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Winter Sky

man’s gaze turn skyward,
blood orange moon, magical –
starry winter sky

Pat R

For Ronovan Writes Haiku where the prompts is Man & Magic


A neighborhood cat, black and white,
comes strolling through the yard.
She is unusually stout for a stray cat.
She moves at an oddly relaxing pace.
As she meanders through, she stops behind the now cut tall grass.
She lays down for less than a minute then gets up, and slinks through the fence to the next yard, to a space behind the shed. She is heavy with child.

on gray autumn day
an air of expectation
kittens white as snow

Pat R

For (Open Link Night) OLN Night over at the dVerse Poets Pub
where Grace is our host for the last challenge of this year with a very inspiring poem. Have a read!

A Knowing

the blush of autumn
now long gone, a quiet grace
takes its turn in time –
through creaky bones, a knowing –
like spring vines set to run wild

Pat R


For Tanka Tuesday over at Colleen Weekly Tanka Tuesday