Morning Walk

I always stop at this house to part take in this moment of Zen.. Very calming. This is in the side yard, attached to the side of the house! I see the owners every now and then, an elderly couple,

The fish stay there all year, through summers heat and freezing winters. It is deep. I forgot how deep they said. An eye catching, relaxing moment every time.

A good Sunday to all.



I Blew It!!!

Yes, saw this on a sidewalk this morning during my walk. Went home, got the car and went back. It was gone!!

I know, I should’ve picked it up right then, but it was heavy. Oh well, I hope someone else picked it up and it’s not on a garbage heap somewhere.

A good Monday to all!




We met on my morning walk one day last week when I was feeling especially sorry for myself. I stopped to gauk. He just walked right by. Looks like he might have had a run in with that cat crossing at the crosswalk. City life.

healing –

one foot in front

of the other

Pat R