Weekly Photo Challenge

Taken off the pier in my neighborhood this evening. At long last summer!!!

Taken in someone’s front yard


Free outdoor concert..a tribute to John Coltrane


And kite flying season is back! Yep, that’s a humongous kite!!



For WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Delta


Mirror & Harbor

swans 20170411_183323

a mirror image
the pair of swans off the pier –
a gliding tango
never far from each other
together a safe harbor

Pat R



Colleen Weekly Poetry Challenge


Ember & Flame

from embers
to passion’s fire –
an old flame

Pat R


For Ronovan Writes Haiku


Beautifully Oddball!!

Well, I was suppose to be going for a walk in Prospect Park and I got totally diverted and ended up in the Brooklyn Museum instead. A great time!

A kimono

Closeup of the print.

All of the above is a part of the Georgia O’Keefe Exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum today.





Interactive art piece in the lobby of the Brooklyn Museum. The tiles flip to create a new scene. Fun for kids and adults.

Touching the black circles produce notes like a piano. Very cool!


Cees Oddball Photo Challenge

Thursday Doors

Lived another life. Now it has been regentrified..note the air condition unit up top.

A closeup

No doors here, just an open invitation to sit. This is at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens- donated by a daughter in honor of her parents. I love the inscription!

Love this plant box at the Botanic Gardens. It’s in the herb garden. With the top closed it becomes a starter box. It’s also very good looking.


Dismissal time outside a High School, all heads bowed and fingers flying:)

Pat R

For Thursday Doors over at Norm 2.0




Darkness & Deep

at long last deep spring!
mother nature in full bloom –
darkness comes to light

Pat R