Clouds & Spring

#Tanka Tuesday


20160501_155252 heart peony

rain clouds all day, a
gray haze blankets springs newness
pelting rain drops plop
so we wait, the birds and I
listening to sound of spring

Pat R



This is on a window of a building that once was something else. Now it houses condos, I think. It’s Downtown Brooklyn.

This is an open security gate to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

Fierce thorns on this plant. It’s own security.
Pat R


Cees Oddball Photo Challenge

I thought these were sprayed. Turns out they are real and are known as rainbow roses. I never saw that before. As far as I’m concerned…that’s an oddball.

Who is pacifying who! I have never seen a pacifier that big.

For Cees Odball Photo Challenge

Pat R