Flower of The Day

On my walk a few days ago I saw this on a sidewalk. It looked recent, but it wasn’t. This is an image with deep grooves. It looks like someone had taken the time to do this while the concrete was still wet. Usually, when I see these, it amounts to a stained imprint. This wasn’t that.

there it was

living a life held in time –

a once lively sprig



Christmas Lights!!

Yep, that’s one house going all out for Christmas!

Another view. If you’re wondering where the kids were it was early. It was barely 4pm in the evening.
Reindeers flew by
Bare branches and trunks of trees are fair game.

It was amazing to see in person. Wonder what the electricity bill is like.

This was on the side of the house where the garage was, I think. Santa’s workshop. There was a desk with pencil and paper for kids to write letters to Santa. I thought that was really cool. And no, I didn’t write one People we’re watching!


Thursday Doors Around Brooklyn

The only type of it’s kind, or I should nothing similar nearby.. this one apparently escaped the bulldozer… a survivor!! It’s on 9th Street in Park Slope.
Bit of a closeup on this very detailed building
Music lives here now…

The above door belongs to this house.
An apartment building entry
This one too
Tis building has housed many different types of business. Even a house of worship. Now it looks to be a medical practice. Next is a look at it’s neighbor.
It looks to be more detailed. it’s been sitting like this for years. And there was always a porch light on which gave me hope. That new (green) fencing means someone has plans for it. I wonder if the new owner has an old soul. Time will tell.
Here’s a bit of a closeup.

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