Mini Harvest

Mini harvest in my garden

life in the garden –

branches laden with berries

bring smiles of summer



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Knuckleheads by Dan Antion – New Release

My friends and visitors, I’m delighted to have a fellow blogger and an author, Dan Antion, as my guest today. I met Dan years ago at Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday (SoCS) Challenge. Dan writes about his gathering at his virtual bar for SoCS. Occasionally, he invites guests to his bar party. In […]

Knuckleheads by Dan Antion – New Release

Miriam shares on Dan Antions new book!!!

Thursday Doors – Around Brooklyn

I read about this house a while back in The Brownstoner and this was my 2nd trip for photos.

“…The Jacob Dangler house, is a French Gothic inspired building began construction in the 1870’s and was completed in 1902. This is in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn…”

The fight to secure landmark status is ongoing. They got some good news recently. For a detailed read on that, go here.

It is now surrounded by that dreaded green fence and scaffolding I think demolition! But maybe not quite yet!
A view from the side yard
I’ve been trying to find photos of what this looks like on the inside with no luck.
Yesterday while I parked my car got out and was in full gauk a lady stood next to me. Didn’t realize it for a minute until she spoke. “It’s a shame they’re trying to tear this down. We should try to save the rose bushes”. That’s an odd focus, I thought! But maybe not. I couldn’t get a good photo of that (red) rose bush.

You can read more about it here, and here.

I don’t remember where this one was.
I thought this one was cute. Couldn’t really see the entrance from where I was standing which felt like the middle of a construction zone. I really like the top.
These last three were taken on Ocean Parkway as I was headed to Coney Island.
Meet cutie pie!!! Elevated above the fray. It doesn’t feel like a real size car, but you never know. We now live in the land of the Smart Mini.

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Tanka Tuesday

atop the tree lines

against the bluest of skies

an altercation

mocking bird versus a crow

crow, unmoved – until he was



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Another One!!

Another one! We are, yet again, undone. The only thing that seems to come out of these tragedies are the usual talking heads pretentiously wallowing in their fifteen minutes of fame.

The hands deep in their pockets also move the trap between their beady little eyes as they mouth platitudes and lamentations in the form of thoughts and prayers. All of which has become white noise because power takes precedent.

So, we continue to live under sinister skies raining death with nowhere to hide. Hoards of lost souls that will never again see morning. They  will never again set eyes on arcs of grass bejeweled by dew reflecting twilight. 

It is up to us to erase the platitudes and become a part of the solution. The way we do this is with our vote! These are the things they don’t tell us often enough.




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Thursday Doors – Around Brooklyn

Seems I have a few gray houses this week
This one is in Brooklyn Heights on Montague St. Even with the fire escape running down the front it still a nice looking building. It is called
The Arlington.
Year completed: 1887
Architect: Montrose W. Morris
Floors: 10
Style: Romanesque Revival
New York City Landmark: 1965
National Register of Historic Places: 1962
Also Brooklyn Hts. A couple leftovers from last week.

This one too. They were doing some work on this one. I love the arch behind that first door

Closeup if details inside St Anns Church
This one too
This is a side door of the church
These last four are closeups from inside St Anns Church. They were so nice. I asked permission to go in and take pictures. They said, sure! Even turned on the lights so I would get better shots!

Always loved the look of this house



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Thursday Doors – Around Brooklyn

Entrance to an apartment building
The closeup to this is that one above.

I went walking in Brooklyn Heights. Didn’t stay as long as I’d hoped to because it was a chilly day. My favorite this week is #3 & #4.

This is the back side of these two buildings
And this is their view! ( Off the Brooklyn Heights Promenade..forgot to mention that earlier)
These last two is inside St Ann’s Church on Montague St. Well, some of it is on Montague
These two are of the outside

.These last four are inside/outside the now Chase Bank at 101 Court St. The Brooklyn Trust Company was it’s original name,  built in 1916. To read more on this go here.

I thought it might have been a mansion at another time.

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Thursday Doors – Around Brooklyn

Full front view
Front facing, a little tighter
A little bit tighter still, I was hoping no one from the inside was watching me.
A facing front shot that is focusing on the side. A very handsome side!
A closeup of that tippy top from the above photo. Check out the window on that. There was more of that off the ground floor porch. I didn’t get a shot because I would have to go too close.
A view from the side. The owners must be used to people either just standing and stare, or taking pictures. This house is stunning!!

A lady was going by pushing a stroller with two kids so I did one of those ” pretending not to be gauking at this house” and she just started laughing. Then we started laughing. ” It’s for sale”, she said. “Wanna guess how much?”.

My guess was 7M…she said try 12. So of course I googled it. But it’s closer to 13M. To get a look at the inside see it here.

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