A Rainbow

wp-1591811684668.jpgthis cloud lurking overhead
has claimed me
it snuggles in
displacing the thread of hope
I’ve been holding fast to
it flits in the breeze of the blues
swishing through my fingers
at every grasp

I force myself into the garden
it looks thirsty
I turn on the garden hose
and there through the fine sprays
a rainbow

Pat R


Spring Romp


wicked winds flinging
limbs here, there no harmony –
it’s a spring romp


Pat R


For Eugi’s weekly Challenge where the prompt is “Harmony”. To participate or read other entries go here.




Late Cherry Blossoms


droopy branches with
frilly petals in lazy sway –
late cherry blossoms

Pat R


For Frank Tassone’s Weekly Haikai Challenge where the prompt is “Late Cherry Blossoms”. For other entries or to participate go here.