Spring Passes

spring passes –
fading peonies
in deep bow

Pat R






Saturday morning in the outdoor plant section of Home Depot was a treat! Look who I met! She was just sitting there, not moving at all. And she was at the edge of the aisle. People on the hunt for plants, barely noticing her. In the shot from behind, you can see a little head and two eyes to the right. I was about two feet away. Workers say she comes back every year and choose a potted plant for her nest.

This is the coolest thing I’ve seen up close. It set my day right!



two sets of footprints
in freshly fallen snow
one pair from Kyoto
© Hamish Managua Gunn

other hopes to get there by
spring – a solitary quest

Pat R


For Carpe Diem Haiku

Hard & Soft

from hard frozen ground
the most delicate seedlings –
the magic of spring
brings old limbs a taste of youth
clad in soft delicate blooms

Pat R


For Tanka Tuesday with Colleen