This Holly Plant lives just outside my door.

A season in turmoil. The circle gets smaller. Loved ones pass on leaving us behind to sort out the ravages of being. Such loss is soothed only by a long spring. But wounds remain so, as we find a way to live with them.

we are left standing

as december roars on through

this season of life

a little more worn, rumpled

but for this, we are grateful



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Flower Of The Day

A Bitter-Berry tree in my yard, highly fragrant blooms. It keeps getting taller. I thought it was a bush! For years it had been dwarfed by another tree that is no longer. Now it is thriving.



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Spring Dance

a pair of cardinals

in my garden – in spring dance

they zip here, fly there

pecking at freshly tilled soil

a cold and windy spring day



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