Yup! Try they’re on the sidewalk
A man is loading this onto a trailer

One of everything resides in Brooklyn. This was drawing the coffin of the deceased, further down the road is the cemetery. This is the second one of these I’ve noted this past week. That one was leading a procession of cars. Then, as I sat in the traffic jam watching, tears were streaming down my cheeks. Who was this person? I don’t know this person! The things that nip you in the butt when you’re not looking. Life tales.

horse drawn hearse –

trips around the sun

at an end



Free fall

an exquisite fumble

for all to witness

crazy is wide awake

no longer lurks deep within

the door of nutsville flung wide open

as he melts all the way down

like a molten candle

never to regain its shape –

that thread that he hung by

now in free fall



For Moon washed Musings where the prompt is “Exquisite”. For further readings go here


from the shoulders of ancestors, our elders tell their truths

incidentally – with purpose, without judgement

giving voice to a history

awash in wisdom –

this oral narrative

this homage to lineage –

the unheralded wind beneath all of our wings

unvarnished, at times colorful truths

as we gather together on this day



A passing-

without warning

this unexpected loss –

an early december

This was read at the eulogy today. I am not sure if this belonged to the person who read it or if it was borrowed. In any case, it was fitting:-

“laugh when you can

cry when you must

apologize when you should and change the sphere of life if you will

dream big

take risks

study life’s plays feverishly

make the play

score the goal

volunteer your time

mend broken hearts

fall down but get up and learn from your mistakes

live life on purpose for a purpose and with purpose each and every day”

2/07/1958 – 10/31/2022