Pleasantly Surprised – Haibun

It is an odd view from the window. Bare woods, tree branches stark naked unmoved by birds or breeze; just engulfed in fog. The type that brings with it a chill that is not easily shaken. I sit cuddling my mug of tea pondering the movement of the sunlight through the morning fog. I liken it an impressionist painting without the colors. What else could be moving through that mist, unseen, I wonder. Then, there they were!

family of deers
fawn lags behind distracted
headed to the creek

Pat R


For dVerse Poets Pub where tonight is haibun monday and the prompt is : Pleasantly Surprised


The Sound of Red 2


Senses ablaze
My hearts pitter – patter
Betrayed by my breathing
I’m now nearer
Than I planned to be
Nonchalance evaporates
Then came
The taste of you
Mingling with
The sound of red

Pat R

Inspired by the prompt over at dVerse Poets Pub: Symbolism



The Whirlpool – A Tanka


Photo taken last evening

swift visit –
huge swirl of leaves
autumn gusts

all shapes and colors trapped in
the whirlpool, stark limbs shaken

Pat R


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